19 June, 2016

Organic food or industrial food? Why?

One morning, you wake up, prepare breakfast for your family to start a new day. Opening the refrigerator to look at a lot of food, have you ever wondered whether these industrial foods guarantee the health of family members or not, or they just enough to fill up and provide energy for a day? Have you ever wondered that should you change your current lifestyle? Look out there, the rate of cancer, the rate of chronic diseases is increasing rapidly for many different reasons, but a part of that is because the body has to absorb industrial substances excessively.

Industrial food – A new step for mankind

Undeniably, the development of the food industry is a step in human evolution, a must-have step at a time of rapid population growth along with a serious food shortage. Industrial food produces faster and more diversified food quantities along with potential concerns that can affect consumers’ health, such as: Chemicals, colors, plant protections, GMO … You will not know how many toxic chemicals you will have to absorb inside these colorful and attractive foods a day.


Organic food – A smart and safe choice

Organic food is food produced in a way that complies with the standards of organic farming. Standards vary around the world, but organic farming has revolving practices of resources, promoting ecological balance and conserving biodiversity. Organizations that regulate organic products may restrict the use of certain pesticides and fertilizers in the farming methods used to make those products. Organic food process generally do not use irradiation, industrial solvents or additives.

To be certified organic, products must be grown and produced in a manner that complies with the standards set by the country in which they are sold such as NASAA (Australia), EU organic certification (European union), JAS ( Japan), USDA (USA)… ..

You will definitely be more confident to open a product with a commitment to no chemicals, no pesticides, or non-GMOs for your family, won’t you?

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