Our team

Mrs. Loan: “For us, product quality is always our priority. To make the final decision on which products to import and distribute, we always consider all factors very carefully, such as their origin, ingredients and especially if they meet strict organic requirements.”

Mr. Vy: “Our distribution network covers more than 20 cities and provinces in Vietnam. It leads to the fact that the work of packing and transporting might pose a big challenge. Therefore, our motto is based on the principle of “5 right”: right product, right customer, right quantity, right place, right time. In addition, we always try to pack the goods carefully and help you to transport them to the train and plane in the most timely manner.”

Ms Ha Anh: “The organic market is such a niche market, therefore, I understand the difficulties of agents and wholesalers in the process of marketing for organic products. Cooperating with Bgroup, you will get such a quality teammate; because we always follow up with customers, listen and support our best in terms of strategy, provide online and offline marketing materials; as well as support your brand advertising.”

Mrs. Luu: “Besides the head office in Hanoi, Bgroup also has a branch and a warehouse in Thu Duc City (former District 9), Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, customers in Ho Chi Minh City can completely work directly with us, as well as directly experience our products before making a decision to cooperate.”

Mrs. Ha: “Bgroup is one of the largest companies distributing organic products and EU domestic products in Vietnam, in which our products come from many famous countries in the field of organic production such as Germany, Italy , Switzerland, Spain, USA and Thailand. Organic products imported by us can be found in most organic stores, clean food stores, imported product stores, mom&baby stores, and large supermarkets all over Vietnam. Currently, we are constantly expanding our distribution and product range to many other countries in the world.”

Mr. Hung: “As a father, I understand better than anyone the importance of clean food and organic food to each family, especially one which has kids. We believe that a good product must be made from clean and raw materials, produced with a strictly controlled process that is highly sustainable for the environment and society. At Bgroup, you will find all of those through the products we are distributing.

Join us in promoting the production and consumption of organic products, helping to protect the health of you and your family, improving such an environmentally sustainable lifestyle and spreading these good values to consumers in Vietnam. Let’s make sure that our children and grandchildren will enjoy the best in the future!”