CEO & Founder of Bgroup, while looking for reliable products for his children to use, realized that it is very difficult to find products with good quality in Vietnam, because there is no organization yet which is responsible for product quality. That leads to the fact that consumers often have to choose product sources with high risk.

Along the way throughout Asia, Europe, and America, he has found the presence of certified organic products, independently tested and transparent. All information on organic products is clearly printed on the packaging and can be checked online for accuracy. Realizing that this is a trend that will surely develop in Vietnam like other developed countries, he discussed with a friend who lives in Germany, whose family is a member of a company with more than 40 years of experience. In the field of producing and distributing organic products in the EU. He then with his teammates decided to establish Bgroup to carry out the mission of bringing organic and healthy food to Vietnamese consumers.

Bgroup cooperates with big and reputable brands, committed to long-term market development, towards sustainable production and consumption. To do that, we determine that this is a long and not easy process when it comes to changing consumer culture in Vietnam. However, we believe our choice is the right one and will always persistently pursue it to bring Vietnamese consumers the best choices.

In the process of establishment and development, we always operate according to the core values:


March 2023 – New branches in Da Nang and the central region

2021 – Distribution to more than 20 provinces and cities, imported supermarket system, mother and baby supermarket,…

2018 – Network expansion in Ho Chi Minh City

2017 – Start of our business in Hanoi