15 September, 2021

PBFarm – The best organic spices for health

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PBFarm is the abbreviation of Northern Food Complex Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of Japanese soy sauce and seasoning sauce located in Chiangrai province, Thailand. This location is recognized as a belt most suitable for soybean and soy sauce production.

Development history of Northern Food Complex Co., Ltd

Northern Food Complex Co., Ltd was established in 1995 with registered capital of 160 million bht. The company built a 5,800 square meter factory on an area of ​​31,484 square meters at a cost of 254 million bht. In order to continuously develop the factory, the company has increased its registered capital to 234 million Bht in 2011. The planned capacity is 4,000 kilograms annually.

The company has obtained the International Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001, GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000, and the Organic certificate issued by the international certification organization. The company employs a team of experienced food production experts and scientists to research and maintain product quality. So that the products always meet international standards in the best way.

Northern Food Complex has been certified to supply non-GMO ingredients from EUROFIN, UK. All PBFarm soy sauce is made from GMO-free natural ingredients under the most hygienic conditions and is 100% natural brewed so that consumers using the product are not exposed to 3 MCPD, DCP or other hazards. from chemical hydrolysates.


While cost is a big consideration in any business, at Northern Food Complex, the cost of long-term product development is always high and a top priority. With over 250 million Bht spent to date, the company has invested in food products under the brand name “Johin and PB Farm” which is recognized for its high quality. And until now, the company continues to develop food products to meet the needs of customers.

Business philosophy and production process of PBFarm

Business philosophy: Create high quality food products; ensure customer satisfaction through the implementation of an automated clean process that protects the environment and supports the creation of better products. By doing so, the company ensures to contribute to the efficient use of food resources and a steady supply of high-quality food products to the world community with the best social and environmental responsibility.

Whole soybeans are cooked in a pressure cooker and mixed with coarsely roasted wheat or rice. It is then inoculated with the mold, Aspergillus oryzae (or A. sojae) and incubated in round dishes with perforated bottoms through which air is forced. After two days of incubation under controlled temperature and humidity conditions, mold growth covers the entire mass, known as ‘Koji’, which is mixed with chilled brine and transferred to deep fermentation vats. The added Osmophilic yeast culture (called ‘Moromi-mash’) is allowed to ferment at controlled temperatures and occasionally aerated for 4-8 months. During the refining stage, the fermented product is pressed to separate the liquid from the solid residue. The liquid is filtered, clarified, and heated to 90-95 degrees Celsius for pasteurization and to develop a characteristic color and aroma. After final inspection, the sauce is pasteurized again and bottled.



Certified organic products PBFarm

PBFarm’s organic products include organic soy sauce, organic low salt soy sauce, organic Teriyaki soy sauce, organic Tamari soy sauce, organic rice vinegar… Natural ingredients, no GMOs, no residues of chemical drugs, pesticides,…

PBFarm organic products are dual certified organic, European organic (Eu) and USDA certified. These are also two leading prestigious certifications of quality organic products. Currently, the products are available on the shelves of reputable supermarkets in Vietnam and are displayed on e-commerce sites. Products appeared in Vietnam for more than 1 year, imported and distributed by BGroup Joint Stock Company.


Currently, soy sauce products to Vietnam include:

– PBFarm organic soy sauce 200ml

– PBFarm Organic Tamari Soy Sauce 200ml

– PBFarm Organic Teriyaki Soy Sauce 200ml

– PBFarm organic low salt soy sauce 200ml

– BPFarm organic rice vinegar 200ml.

All products are carefully selected, best suited to the consumption habits of Vietnamese people.

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