28 May, 2021

Officina Naturae

The Officina Naturae is an Italian company that was founded in Rimini in 2004. Silvia Carlini and Pierluca Urbate, the two founders, are also members of the Fairtrade International. The two founders fulfilled their dream with the establishment of the company, after having gained experience working in the pharmaceutical chemical industry: to only produce eco-friendly cleansing agents with ethical and ecologically sustainable production and distribution methods.

The production methods follow distinct principles:

+ Eco-friendly products with high quality standards

+ Simply formulations that have been tested for their effectiveness and safety for both humans and the environment

+ Ingredients obtained from plant or mineral raw materials – substances that are derived from substances that are of  petrochemical or animal orgin, as well as artifical substances with harmful effects are not used.

+ Italian raw material are used where possible in order to support local producers i.e. raw materials that stem from controlled organic farming (such as brassica oil used for surfactants). All other ingredients used are sourced from countries that actively support Fairtrade projects.42263811_2154818611443321_6368691851423121408_n

Below are Officina Naturae products which Bgroup provides:

+ Kids Natural Organic GEL Toothpaste Strawberry Flavour Biricco

+ Kids Natural Organic GEL Toothpaste Banana Flavour Biricco

+ Kids Natural Organic GEL Toothpaste Cherry Flavour Biricco

+ Baby Toothbrush Officina Naturae

+ Adult Toothbrush Officina Naturae

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