28 May, 2021

Organic cold pressed high oleic sunflower oil Sungarden

The company ŠKOLSKÉ HOSPODÁRSTVO – BÚŠLAK, spol. s r.o. is Slovakian leading manufacturer of organic seed oil, dairy production and organic field production. BÚŠLAK’s farm and production plant are located in Central Europe and operate on one of the most fertile lands in the south of Slovakia.

Only some kinds of vegetable oil meets the requirement to be resistant to high temperatures, and at the same time healthy for the human consumption. These criteria meets our product – Organic cold pressed high oleic sunflower oil Sungarden.

This 100 % vegetable organic sunflower oil, Kosher certificated, is produced by only one cold pressing. It is not refined, just filtered and dewaxed. Thanks to the unique production technology, the oil retains nutritionally valuable substances in their natural form, such as vitamin E, minerals, antioxidants and trace elements. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, containing amega-6 and omega -9 fatty acids. Key quality factor of our oil is presence of antioxidants in their natural form, which are significantly more effective than synthetic antioxidants. The oil has characteristic natural nutty taste and aroma of sunflower seeds.

Due to above listed properties, this oil is recommended for frying, deep frying and cooking. Can be used also used as a finishing oil for cold dishes and salads.

The oil is characterized by much longer fry-life than standard sunflower oil. Extremely high heat resistance and antifoaming, which results from high content of oleic acid (Omega-9) – min. 82% and presence of natural antioxidants.

High draining-off capacity of this oil resulting in very crispy fries. It is the best option for long frying periods at high temperatures.


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