13 April, 2023


Being famous as a supermarket chain specializing in providing products from Korea, K-Market provides more than 3,000 imported products to meet the needs of a large number of residents. With more than 10 years of experience, K-Market is famous for items such as roasted rice water, spicy noodles, ginseng snacks, Kyoho wine grapes, pears, strawberries… Besides, some high quality Vietnamese products as well as reputable imported products are also sold at supermarkets to create abundance and meet the needs of customers.

Being proud to be a brand specializing in providing quality organic products from all over the world, Bgroup is trusted to be chosen as a partner of K-market in more than 15 stores, large and small supermarkets. Items you can easily find at K-market such as Koita Organic Milk, nuts and cereals, pure organic juices,…