23 May, 2018


Herbaria was founded in 1919 as a company to produce pharmaceuticals. Therefore, the products  are good for the health of users.

Herbaria – a pioneer in organic consumer goods. Herbaria started providing organic food products as an expert in herbal teas and herbs in 1981. In 1987, the company became a founding member and active head of the organization. Naturkost Naturwaren e. V. (BNN) [Association of processors, wholesalers and retailers of organic]. The general purpose is: “Healthy food, high quality and natural”

Products under the Herbaria brand have been tested about quality and organic improvement. 200 products are available throughout Germany on more than 4,000 food stores and organic stores.

With such outstanding advantages,  BGroup has decided to cooperate with Herbaria to Vietnamese consumers to get good quality products. Especially the product line supports health, iron supplement.

The products are certified organic EU so consumers can peace of mind and choice.



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