16 November, 2021


On October 15, 2021, the first retail store of BGROUP – Biohome Organic shops & Café officially opened to welcome customers.

After 5 years, Bgroup focused on developing agents nationwide, so far we have officially opened the retail brand Biohome. Located at 169 Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Hanoi, Biohome shop has nearly 500 products ranging from packaged food, cosmetics, to fresh foods that are healthy and convenient for the family. Customers are completely assured because the products here must achieve the world’s prestigious organic certifications EU Organic, Demeter, USDA, JAS, …

Biohome shop receives a lot of attention from customers

Bgroup always wants to get closer to consumers, listen and feel to give the most relevant advice. That’s why the Biohome store was born. Bgroup believes that this makes it easier for customers to directly approach, hold, hold and read the ingredients and nutritional value tables. It contributes to building wise consumption habits that Vietnamese consumers are currently aiming for.

Besides the brands that Bgroup has cooperated with for a long time and imported officially such as Italian organic milk – KOITA, German organic seeds – DAVERT, Spanish health care products – Masmi,… Biohome – retail brand Bgroup also cooperates with Vietnamese production companies that have achieved organic certification. At Biohome, in addition to buying organic products, customers can also enjoy L’amant coffee from Gialai organic growing area, bread, cakes, and yogurt with organic ingredients from Stephanie’s bakery. Teas, organic fruits or from reputable farms in the transparent and organic farming community.

Biohome supports farmers

Bgroup believes that behind every organic product, there are imprints of people with perseverance and ideals who want to contribute to the community with the best products but still maintain the principle of respecting nature, animals and the environment. .

Organic is not only a product, it is also a lifestyle, the Biohome retail brand was created to spread this message to Vietnamese consumers.

The shelves with a variety of products can satisfy customers

With the expansion of the retail model, Bgroup believes that this is the bridge to get closer to consumers as well as be able to provide products of clear origin, transparent ingredients, and beneficial to health. Health, safety from substance and peace of mind when using, bringing sustainable contributions and values to the community and society.

Bgroup’s staff is enthusiastic and dynamic

Especially, Bgroup’s young and enthusiastic staff is always ready to change. Their enthusiasm and talent help them always have new ideas to implement, improving the customer’s experience when coming to Biohome. Passion and desire to contribute to the community are the fulcrum and motivation for Bgroup to continue to develop. With the guidance of talented, conscientious and visionary leaders, Bgroup promises to develop and contribute more to the organic community and Vietnamese consumers.

Let’s see some more pictures of Biohome shop!

Green corner of Biohome shop – Recycled plant shelf from organic product packaging

The shelves are full of a variety of products

Fresh fruit and fresh pastries every day

“Chill” space to enjoy drinks