26 January, 2022

Byodo Naturkost GmbH – Premium organic foods from Germany

Byodo Naturkost GmbH is a long-standing organic food and beverage company headquartered in Germany. This is also one of the pioneering companies in the organic food industry in Europe, creating a special mark in the hearts of consumers.

Story of Byodo

Byodo was founded in 1985 by a family company, including Michael Moßbacher, partner Andrea Sonnberger and daughter Stephanie Moßbacher. The name Byodo is formed from the Japanese word, meaning “a common road”. This is also a guideline that Byodo always aims for in relationships with partners, suppliers, customers and within their own businesses.

The brand made its first mark on the European organic community with organic fresh tofu products. To date, Byodo has researched and developed a variety of other product lines such as desserts, cooking oil, pasta, organic sauces, vinegar, organic mayonnaise,…

Byodo always focuses on providing “The Best Organic Food”. This is not simply about using the best ingredients, it is also about the excellence in customer service that Byodo provides. At the same time, the brand ensures that its products have as positive an impact on nature and the environment as possible.

Mission and goals

Byodo inspires a healthy and sustainable life. With the founding motivation of producing healthy and environmentally friendly food. Currently, the company’s goal is to bring “full enjoyment” to customers. That’s why Byodo fine-tunes all of its recipes, ingredients and flavors until they achieve optimal taste. Byodo products aim to bring joy to the kitchen, make eating an experience and inspire sustainable living.

Byodo’s product research & development activities

Through many different research projects and being a member of expert groups, Byodo always updates and innovates in quality. The company integrates the latest analytical results into product manufacturing operations to provide its customers with top quality products.

As a member of BNN (Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren – German Natural Foods Association), Byodo always complies with the association’s orientations and guidelines, committing to voluntarily implementing even stricter rules. EU regulations.

Ensuring product quality meets “double standards”

Byodo’s top priority is always quality assurance activities. All Byodo products are made from 100% of the best organic ingredients. A special point is that the company’s products have gone through 2 inspections. Firstly, it is inspected internally by the company and secondly, it is inspected by partner suppliers.

To achieve the above goal, each batch of products is thoroughly tested. This includes a comprehensive analysis plan to see if the product conforms to the proposed specifications and sensory control. This is done primarily by the company’s and partners’ QA teams.

Organic certification & awards

Byodo’s commitment to “Continuously improve quality, 100% organic and deliver optimal flavor” has also been affirmed by many organic certifications and prestigious awards. Byodo has achieved European organic certification (EU Organic) – an organic certification controlled and certified by the EU European Union.

In addition to EU Organics certification, Byodo won the Gold Medal for two consecutive years (2020 – 2021) for organic products from DLG-Awards, “Organic Brand of the Year 2009” and many other certifications and awards. other.

List of Byodo products imported and distributed by Bgroup:

  1. Byodo Organic Egg Mayonnaise 300ml (bottle)
  2. Byodo organic children’s ketchup 300ml