23 May, 2018


Almawin is a brand of cleaning products in Germany. With 25 years of successful operation in the market, Almawin is always interested in user welfare and the environment as much as possible. The company has won many awards and certifications from international organizations such as Ecogarantie, Ecocert, Green Brands, …

At present, Almawin has chosen to pack 100% recycled plastics. Along with the two favorite brands are Almawin and Klar. Products containing standard chemical ingredients, strictly controlled by the organization. This allows the products to be Ecogarantie certified (certified for sustainable organic products in the European Community).

BGroup has joined hands with Almawin to help people get quality organic products. With chemical cleaning products, obtaining organic certification from organizations in the European market is not easy. So choosing organic products will help you get a quality product that is both safe and protected for the hands and health of the whole family.


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