Organic products are made from clean ingredients, organic agricultural ingredients, they do not contain harmful synthetic chemicals, not from GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds, say no with flavor enhancers, artificial colorants and chemical flavorings. The use of additives is extremely limited and always undergoes rigorous tests in accordance with German quality standards in particular and Europe in general.

How do I know if it’s organic? It is the organic logo Euro Organic Farming, USDA, Demeter… on every organic product. Competent companies are set up to test strictly from raw materials to the production of finished products before issuing certificates to print on the packages of products. The consumption of organic products is not only to protect health but also contributes a lot to protecting the environment because organic agriculture consumes less water and energy, especially natural waste. Do not throw away leftovers or banana peels, let them make organic fertilizer, try to take advantage of the small space in the house to do organic farming.

BGROUP hopes to bring useful information about agriculture and organic products to Vietnamese consumers. We always hope that our small contributions will help our customers to easily, fully and transparently access information about organic products. Join in promoting the production and consumption of organic products, helping to protect the health of you and your family, and promote environmentally-friendly lifestyles. Making sure our children will enjoy the best in the future!